Machine Overview

Rocket Espresso

Quality coffee and breathtaking design doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg with the Rocket Espresso Boxer Timer. Built on the foundations of vintage Italian espresso machines, the Boxer Timer updates this heritage design with a modern feature set and a customer-friendly design that stands out on any barista bar. Packed with labor-saving features like volumetric controls, shot timers, insulated steam wands, and automatic back flush programming; the Boxer Timer lightens the load on your barista's workflow and makes maintenance a breeze. Even better, its all-chrome case and compact size make it a goes-anywhere machine for any style of shop or cafe.


Features and Functionality


* Shot Timers - Help dial-in your shots by time and volume for higher consistency.
* Automatic Shot Programming - Flow rate sensors ensure the same amount of water is pulled for each shot.
* Low Profile - The Boxer's short height makes it easy for BARISTAS to interact with their customers.
* Cold Water Mixing - A hot water spout tempered by a cold water mixing valve keeps water below boiling for tea or Americanos.
* Automatic Back flushing - Clean up at the end of the day is easy thanks to simple back flush programming.
* Insulated Steam Wand - Cool-touch wands make steaming safer and cleaner.

Machine Specification


The pursuit of the perfect espresso is an endless quest.
In designing the Rocket Espresso R 9, engineer Ennio Berti opted for a fully saturated group to further enhance machine temperature stability through PID control in the stainless steel multi boiler machine.
Pressure transducer technology was used to dramatically reduce steam pressure recovery times, increasingly important in high volume cafes. Aesthetically the R 9 shares the contemporary look that sets Rocket Espresso machines apart from others, with a lowered machine height that allows for a better interaction between the barista and the customer.
The digital display features boiler temperature adjustable in increments of 0.1 degrees celsius and shot timers for each group.

Height: 18.5 inches 
Width: 1 group: 19 inches | 2 group: 25 inches
Depth: 19.5 inches
Watts: 1700W | 2400W | 4300W
Volts: 110V | 220V
Boiler Volume: 8.3 L | 13.2 L