Mount Strada Barista Academy

What you will learn at a barista training course with Mount Strada Coffee School?

We work towards competition levels and enjoy introducing you to the beautiful art of coffee. We believe in learning at a relaxed pace and in an enjoyable way. That said, we aim for the highest standard and will introduce you to the most delicious coffees. The course is very much hands on, designed to make sure that you are comfortable with the equipment and the coffee.

The Barista and coffee roasting training are carried out by some of the best coffee professionals in the nation, who are dedicated to answering all your questions regarding coffee. And the academy creates an environment where learners can enjoy their learning at their own pace. It trains its students in such a way that they become comfortable with all the coffee making equipment and tools.

Barista Traning Details

* Duration: Total 18 days -- 13 Days (40 hrs. in the coffee lab) and 5 days internship
* Cost:20,000/-
* Training will be done with a group of 5-6 people
* 80% of Barista training is Based on practical class
* A complete training course in Espresso & Brewed coffee for any individual who looks forward to going abroad or want to be a specialty in coffee business
* A Brief History of Coffee & understanding of coffee
* Knowledge of coffee beans (about plants, cultivation & processing)
* Roasting Training (Coffee Roasting & Blending)
* Grinder Calibration
* Espresso equipment & its operation
* Extracting Perfect shot of Espresso
* Art of Steaming and Foaming Milk
* Latte art (Heart, Tulip & Rosetta)
* Practice more than 50 drinks
* Coffee brewing equipment and brewing methods
* Cleaning, hygiene, food safety, and Maintenance
* Customer Service
* At the end of the course student will be awarded with a BARISTA certificate